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Is choosing the wrong path to find the real you a bad thing? In a story generally the

protagonist pulls on different types of archetypes to learn from their mistakes and be different

with those strengths. In the novel, Twisted by Laurie Halse Anderson, the protagonist, Tyler

needs to go through phases in order to ultimately achieve the goal of self-identity that not

necessarily he wants but the society accepts. So the journey begins, with Tyler in the front seat,

searching for a person he could be, he uses his friends, friends of friends, his physical

surroundings, to be one person in all of his obstacles.

Tyler establishes in the beginning of the novel, his ordinary world. The first incident that

happens in the novel
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Miller men followed the

rules. Miller men toughed it out;...See thats why I was a bad son. Lack of respect” (21,

Anderson). Tyler blames himself in being the bad one, who has made bad decision and this short

of makes him not want to go ahead in the journey to reinvent himself and find who he really is

meant to be but in the novel, it shows maybe he is just scared to be like his father. Everyone says,

like father like son, and that scares Tyler a bit. He sees domestic violence at home. He explains,

“He (Dad) and mom had a screaming match in the kitchen before he left (91, Anderson). He

believes he would be greatly appalled if and when he finds who he is meant to be in life, he will

not be able to be that way because his father will disown him more than he already has. He

claims he has not been a father figure ever and that makes Tyler want to be a man, but how to be

one is his quest.

The Quest. As Pearson, calls it, “it is not a call about becoming bigger or better or more

important than anyone else. We all matter, Every one of us has an essential contribution to make,

and we can do so only by taking the risk of being uniquely our own selves.” This quote fits

perfectly in how Tyler implies it in the novel. Tyler is confronted by his bully at a family party.

He ultimately wants to be the physically bigger person and beat up this enemy. Tyler does

something incredibly different, “ I closed my
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