Essay about Overview and Comparison of Three Types of Terrorism

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Introduction This paper will talk about three different types of terrorism. A background of each type will be provided to understand the motivations and goals. The first type that will be discussed is religious terrorism. The second type that will be discussed is suicide terrorism. The third and last type that will be discussed is nationalist terrorism. Each type of terrorism has distinct differences in their goals, motivations, strategy, use of violence, etc. However, the main focus of this paper will be on the difference between each type’s tactics and/or strategy. 1. Religious: Background Religious terrorism is usually carried out based on motivations, goals, and beliefs of a certain religious influence. The religion that…show more content…
One of the paramilitary groups fighting in the Afghan mujahedeen was Al Qaeda. After the Soviet Union left Afghanistan in 1989, mujahedeen groups were still fighting over control of Afghanistan (White, 2012). When the Soviet Union left, the United States also left. The United States failed to recognize the problem of the mujahedeen groups fighting. The United States was just focusing on making profits by building an oil pipeline from central Asia to the Indian Ocean (White, 2012). Al Qaeda came to be the mujahedeen group that came out on top in Afghanistan. The leader of this Al Qaeda was a mujahedeen from Saudi Arabia named Osama Bin Laden. Osama created Al Qaeda during the last stages of the Soviet-Afghan war (White, 2012). Al Qaeda was composed of Islamic students who wanted to bring order to Afghanistan through the forced imposition of Islamic law (White, 2012). Jihadists have a misappropriated theology of Islam saying that Muslims believe that peace comes with the completion of global conquest when every person on Earth submits to the will of Allah (using force if necessary). Only then, will the world and the Islam religion be at peace. Osama’s philosophy was claiming that Islam is corrupted and needs purification (White, 2012). Tactics/Strategy Osama believed Islam was mainly corrupt due to the values and economic powers of the West, especially the United States. Osama called to destroy the evil influence that had
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