Overview of ACP Personal Finance

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It goes over a huge part of what adults and college kids spend countless hours trying to figure out. Having said that, there are some chapters that seem more essential than others. Since you can only fit 10 chapters into one trimester, here are 10 most important chapters. Chapter two is a good place to start because while chapter one explains the process of financial planning, chapter two explains how to carry out that process which is more applicable to life. Chapter three, preparing taxes, is the primary reason why I took this class and is extremely important to the financial planning process. Chapter four and five are also important because they pertain to making real life decisions like picking a financial institution, buying a house, and buying a car. Still, in hindsight I hardly retained the specific information in chapter five. It would be helpful to quiz and review often on this chapter because I doubt I’m alone in the retention of info for chapter five. Chapter six and seven both are about the two forms of credit. As far as the conceptual parts of chapter six, most people (that are in this class) probably know how to handle credit wisely or could figure it out with ease. So, unless it’s very important to go over both forms, I think that just doing chapter…

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