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Overview of British Imperialism

Imperialism is when a world power colonizes a smaller country or kingdom, and then proceeds to exploit the land and resources of the kingdom or country. Through the majority of the 18th century, imperialism was a dominant force on global relations. During the peak of the Age of Imperialism, Queen Victoria and her British empire dominated the world. British Imperialism started in the late 1700’s because of population growth and the advances in technology industrialism that occurred during the Industrial Revolution. The areas that the British imperialized during this time period include India, a large part of Africa, and Australia.
The Industrial Revolution, a notable evolution in production
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Social Darwinism takes this concept, applies it to humans and states that if a culture or kingdom cannot protect itself from other cultures kingdoms, it should not exist. This is where the term survival of the fittest comes from; only the strongest cultures will survive. Similarly, the quest to spread Christianity around the world as a prevailing religion became and infectious force brought about by Imperialism. Many of the people who decided to settle different countries were people who were looking for new opportunities, with the exception of many of those who settled in Australia, which was used as isolation territory for dangerous criminals. Imperialism reached its height during the early-mid 1800’s, and the decline of Britain’s imperial empire was around the 1960’s.
The urge to expand the British Empire led the British to seek out and conquer India. They controlled India from around the 1750’s to 1947. Before they colonized India and made it part of the British Empire, the British first began trading with India in the early 1600’s. Britain first started exerting control over parts of India in the late 1700’s with the start of a trade business known as the East India Company. They chose to imperialize India because of military benefits and Indian commodities such as spices and precious metals. By expanding their empire, the leading world powers active at the time were able to

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