Overview of Child Abuse

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A 19-year-old new mother, named Sheryl asked her boyfriend to watch her 8-month-old baby while she went shopping. Her boyfriend kindly agreed assuming that the baby would fall asleep, and he would continue watching the game. However like most newborn babies, Sheryl’s child was a little fussy and was crying. That caused Sheryl’s boyfriend to get annoyed and agitated. He went over to the baby, picked him up and shook him hard. When Sheryl came home she found her baby injured, unfortunately what happened to Sheryl’s baby it’s something that happens to many children in America every day. Child abuse is a very serious issue, that I believe has been neglected and we as a society haven’t done enough to protect these children. In this essay I…show more content…
They can also be due to stabbing, kicking, shaking, and chocking. Physical abuse is the most common type of abuse. Physical abuse is very dangerous to newborns and children between the ages 1-5, because at that time children are not fully developed, both physically and mentally. Studies show that some parents’ especially new parents, who don’t want the child, get really frustrated and don’t realize or don’t care to realize, the amount of harm that they are causing. Shaking a child is one of the most common ways, which newborn babies or young children die. Shaking a child can cause brain damage, and internal bleeding. There have been discussions weather spanking is abuse, or just discipline. Many parents, actually about 80% of Americans don’t think there is anything wrong with spanking their children. That they believe, spanking to be an efficient and appropriate way of punishment. However many studies show that spanking isn’t an efficient way to punish a child that it just installs fear, and the child grows up believing that violence is the answer, that it is ok to use physical force when you see fit. Outlawing spanking in the United States would be very beneficial to both parents and children. Firstly it would save the lives of many children each year, but most importantly it would break this vicious cycle between people; this cycle that we as people feel the need to use violence in our daily lives to fix situations. Other countries, have outlawed
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