Essay about Overview of Cocaine

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The purpose of this research paper is to inform my audience of three primary sections based on biological aspect of the addictive substance cocaine, and its addictive properties. This will include the primary effects on the brain and other organs in the human body. The second section will confer, clinical issues along with medical treatment, future directions of treatment. The third section biological aspects of the addictive substance from a biblical perspective will be discussed. Some areas of interest include freedom and caution for Christian counselor’s based on the addictive substance used.

When most people think of cocaine they mainly think of this drug being very powerful and addicted, and “cocaine is found in all
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Cocaine usage is not as popular today as it was back in the 1900s but it continues to be abused as it was then. The drug has become addictive to those that used the drug intravenously, and free base (smoking crack). It has been said that individuals who try cocaine by inhaling, injecting, snorting would become addicted by using it for the first time. The individuals try to capture the pleasure or that high he/she first got when using the drug, the psychological effects of cocaine, addiction and dependence reports “only about 10 to 15% of those who initially try cocaine intranasally become abusers” (Gawin, 1991, p.1584).

The addictive properties of cocaine are a dopamine D2-receptor researchers “indicate that these dopaminergic neural systems play an important part in rewarding effects” (Miller, Gold, Smith, 1997, p.64).
Cocaine’s primary effect on the brain is to produce “psychoactive and addictive effects primarily by acting on the brain’s limbic system, a set of interconnected regions that regulate pleasure and motivation. Initial, short- term effect- a buildup of the neurochemical, dopamine which gives rise to euphoria and a desire to take the drug again”(Nestler, 2005, p.4). This is normally seen in some individuals that draw in the drug like through inhaling. It gives them an instant increase in blood, and brain levels. It causes the individual to become addicted to this substance. Cocaine is thought to produce pleasure/reward like any addicted drug
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