Overview of Common Core State Standards

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The primary goal is to achieve consistent content standards across the entire nation in order to ensure students are better prepared to enter colleges and universities states as well and/or enter the workforce (Common Core State Standards 2014).
In the 1990s, a movement began across the United States whereby individual states began writing academic standards which outlined the academic content students were expected to know and be able to master at the end of each grade level. Subject specific assessments were also designed and implemented in order to measure whether students were meeting those standards (Gibbs, T. & Howley, A., 2000).
In 1996, the nation’s governors and various corporate leaders founded Achieve, Inc., as a bipartisan effort to raise academic standards and graduation requirements, improve assessments, and heighten academic accountability in all 50 states (Achieve, Inc. 1996).
An Achieve, Inc. 2004 report, titled, Ready or Not: Creating a High School Diploma That Counts, stated that both employers and colleges were demanding more of high school graduates than in the past. According to Achieve, Inc. (2004), "current high-school exit expectations fall well short of [employer and college] demands." It was from this background…

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