Overview of Community Corrections in USA

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Community Corrections Community Corrections are the non-prison penalties that are enforced on convicted, sentenced or arrested adults (i.e. 18 or above) for making crimes. Community corrections are basically planned for the crimes that are petty as compared to the serious offences that are murder, kidnapping or so on. The crimes that are supposed to receive less severe punishment are given in charge of community corrections. These programs focus on non-violent offenders and punish them with probation, house arrest, victim integrated rehabilitation or release them on bail and thus saving them from sentencing of getting in prison. (Bureau of Justice Statistics, 2012) The aim behind these community corrections programs is to give a second chance to the petty offenders and help them becoming the productive citizen of the country. Since, most of the people in the community start treating the people who once been prisoned as like an alien; they are not chosen for the jobs they deserve nor given the respect. Such behavior worsens the attitude of these people. Moreover, most of the people become psychological patients after coming out of the jail. The community corrections programs aims at providing non-violent offenders a favorable environment to build their confidence. They are saved from prison and given a chance to live a normal life. Since, the environment of jail is tormenting and instead of becoming a better person, the people with minor offences become more negative.

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