Overview of Courier and Delivery Industry Essay

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Table of Content
Executive Summary 1
Introduction 2
Overview of Courier and Delivery Industry 2
Review of Data Mining 4
Review of Customer Relationship Management 4
Data Mining and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) 5
Challenges of Courier industry 5
CRM Strategy of Courier Industry 7
Customer value approach of Courier Industry 8
Tools, Techniques and Application of Data mining 9
Current Process of Data mining Implemented by Courier Service Organizations 12
Data Mining using Clustering Technique 14
Further Analysis with Tree Map & Industry Attributes 18
Data Mining Application on CRM and its Impact on the Industry 21
Case Studies 23
Conclusion: 25
References: 26

Executive Summary
The importance of data mining and
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In addition, this report also elaborates the Model of Data Mining Application on CRM and its Impact on the Industry, FedEx and AGSL case studies.
The importance of data mining and its CRM concentration in our day to day life cannot be over emphasized, as it has changed the way many organizations and industries operate and has become increasingly available to a wider marker. This report focuses on Data Mining and its application to CRM in the Courier and Delivery Services Industry.
The dynamic diffusion of information technology has revolutionized the way of doing business; The Courier and Delivery Services Industry now have in their possession huge amount of data. This report answers how players in this industry use this data to make positive managerial decision in the management of lifelong customer relationship.
Overview of Courier and Delivery Industry
A courier delivers mails, messages, goods and packages. Couriers are differentiated through the features for instance speed, tracking, signature, security, specialism and instant delivery times, as compared to conventional mail or postal services in which these features are non-compulsory. As the courier and delivery services provide premium service which is the reason that they are usually more expensive than ordinary mail or postal services. We can say that the use of courier services is circumscribed to the packages wherever one or more of the mentioned features are considered significant to
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