Overview of Creationists' Concepts

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Creationists believe that memory is a God-given figt to help us in our lives, including our worship of the Lord. As pointed out in a radio program produced by the Institute for Creation Research, all of us are urged, through Scripture, to remember what our God has done for us and what we need to do to live as good Christians. As stated by Dr. Allen Gillen, our memories allow us to store and retrieve information. Some scientists call the mind a computer; creation scientists believe that the mind itself is not a computer, but rather has a computer, which is our brain. Each type of memory has a specific purpose in our lives. As a person studies, whether it is a college course or Scripture, he or she forms a "memory trace," or synapse, which can be likened to forming a path through the woods. When someone walks often on the trail forged, the path becomes clearer and more distinct. Failure to visit the path neglecting to study causes the path to become weedy and more difficult to see. Learning takes place when the memory trace is solidly established and thus more easily recalled. As pointed out, the more one reads and studies, the more synapses are made. Interesting, many connections are made at once in the wake of a sensational event, which explains why nearly everyone can remember whether they were and what they were doing when they heard about the terrible devastation of September 11. According to a recent article in Psychology Today, research shows that when we see others
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