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In the show House MD., Dr. House’s bizarre personality brings on a rather unique style of managing and supervising. Most of the time, the results of his techniques are effective, but it seems like he is questioned if his method is full proof. The episode I watched in this series is “Three Stories”, and the plot is Dr. House is teaching interns about three different hospital room situations. The supervisory skills and techniques I will explain about Dr. House is transparency, delegation, listening, and availability.
Ortiz (2011) states, “Not every decision needs a full, 360 degree explanation, but lots of secrecy is frustrating and ultimately dis-empowering to those you supervise.” In this episode, Dr. House walks the students through each
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I believe Dr. House expresses the skill of delegation the best out of a skills, but he needs to be always available to his subordinates in case of issues.
Availability as a supervisor helps boost morality, production, and understanding throughout the work area. Most employees would choose to work for a supervisor or manager that is moving around and checking up on their employees, rather than a person hiding behind a desk the whole day delegating work through a phone, calling employees to the office for instruction, or intercom. In the show, Dr. House is rarely sitting in his office during the day. He is in and out of hospital rooms checking up on doctors, nurses, and patients. As I explained before, he has some bizarre and questionable techniques, but he has a better understanding of the situation in each room to make these decisions. A manager sitting in an office and not leaving cannot and should not make these decisions because they do not know the situation. Having that experienced individual around also helps boost the employee’s confidence because if there is a mess up, Dr. House will be watching over to ensure the procedures are correct. Last, he understands each situation, and if a problem arises suddenly, he does not need a long brief of what is going on. He can get right to work with the solution. An example from the episode I watched is when he asked what time the class session is until it is over, and one of his doctors told him it was over a
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