Overview of Earlier Studies Concerning Transformational Leadership and Personality

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Barrack Obama and a few other leaders throughout history have shown this type of leadership. People that are transformational leaders are the ones that can get the best results out of people because they show a really good caring side. This caring side is a really good alluring method that draws and pulls on the reigns of people's hearts and minds. Research shows transformational leaders are the ones capable to succeed in getting the finest out of most of the persons that they are in charge of leading. These leaders work very well in politics and actually the research shows that most transformational leaders are the ones that even win the presidential elections or any type of political. Subordinates that go around examine leaders as transformational are people that are largely devoted and they have development need that are high and high needs of independence (Ansari & Mahdi, 2012). Also need dependents of transformational leaders have regularity that is advanced of information following (Dionne & Spangler, 2004).
Likewise subordinates' behavior is something that is considered to have some kind of influences that regards the leadership process. Pounder (2003) investigations displayed that these subordinates which have what is called the lower Organization Based…
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