Overview of Education in Health Care

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Chapter 1 Overview of Education in Health Care Historical Foundations of the Nurse Educator Role • Health education has long been considered a standard care-giving role of the nurse. • Patient teaching is recognized as an independent nursing function. • Nursing practice has expanded to include education in the broad concepts of health and illness. Organizations and Agencies Promulgating Standards and Mandates: 1. NLNE (NLN)  first observed health teaching as an important function within the scope of nursing practice  responsible for identifying course content for curriculum on principles of teaching and learning 2. ANA  responsible for establishing standards and qualifications for practice, including…show more content…
- Despite the varied levels of basic nursing school preparation, legal and accreditation mandates have made the educator role integral to all nurses. - Role of Nurse As Educator (cont’d) - Nurses function in the role of educator as: - the giver of information - the assessor of needs - the evaluator of learning - the reviser of appropriate methodology - The partnership philosophy stresses the participatory nature of the teaching and learning process. Barriers to Teaching Barriers to teaching are those factors impeding the nurse’s ability to optimally deliver educational services. Major barriers include: • lack of time to teach • inadequate preparation of nurses to assume the role of educator with confidence and competence • personal characteristics • low-priority status given to teaching • Barriers to Education (cont’d) • environments not conducive to the reaching-learning process • absence of 3rd party reimbursement • doubt that patient education effectively changes outcomes • inadequate documentation system to allow for efficiency and ease of recording the quality and quantity of teaching
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