Overview of Housing Microfinance

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Housing Microfinance
“Inadequate sanitation and housing threaten the lives and health of some 600 million urban dwellers world-wide.” – CGAP (Bonnie Brusky)

This research paper will concentrate on the innovation of housing microfinance. Housing microfinance is helping to give loans to individuals that are suffering from poor infrastructure. This type of microfinance will aid in increasing the level of living standards. This paper will analyze the current organizations that deal with housing microfinance and it will implement new ways that it can be implemented. Housing microfinance will be evaluated on the impact it has had to date and the future implications of this innovation at a local, national, and international level.
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The National Cooperative Housing Union of Kenya has made $4.19 million worth of 530 housing loans (Rooftops Canada, Web). In a mere span of two years this organization has grown by 292 percent and members were able to save, in total, $3.1 (Rooftops Canada, Web).
The Homeless International organization in the UK has been increasing their investments because of the loans and guarantees through Rooftops Canada and other affiliated organizations. The organizations throughout Africa are able to grow their capacity through the collaborations with Rooftops Canada. Capital and land are more accessible thanks to this organization. Rooftops Canada has been the key to creating growth and prosperity in many of the organizations. For example, the Kuyasa Fund has grown at a fast rate with 31,000 loans administered to poorer households (Rooftops Canada, Web).
The second case study to study is the Bhavanashree housing microfinance in India, conducted by the government of Kerala. Kerala is located in the south-west region of India. India is another country where housing lacks for most of the lower class, with the record high housing shortage rate for the underprivileged class in India being 99.84% (P.J. 2010). Bhavanashree refers to the Kudumbashree alleviation program. India is known for having a consistently growing population with a shortage of
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