Overview of Intellectual Property

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The Definition of Intellectual Property WhiteLaw Intellectual Property Abstract: Intellectual property is one phrase that can mean many different and often confusing things. Many eyebrows raise, in fact, at even the mention of the phrase when considering whether or not anyone truly owns their thoughts on the same level as physical property. In order to clarify the definition completely, it is helpful to evaluate intellectual property as it is modernly perceived and advocated within the academic and public sector. This essay will define intellectual property using a peer reviewed article on the subject. Summary: Part of the problem with intellectual property is clearly defining its value. In fact, many countries to this day bicker when defining their intellectual property laws and the extent to which any type of intellectual property should be protected. There have not been any studies conducted in the last 20 years on the actual value of intellectual property, which makes it even more difficult for countries to define. After sampling United States and Foreign companies, it can be concluded that the greatest measure of intellectual property value is the overall investment that has been placed within the company since the invention of that information. Additionally, the greater protection a country offers for intellectual property, the more foreign businesses will enter the country. Personal Response: This article is in part correct and in part incorrect. It is obvious
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