Overview of Juvenile Court Services

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Unfortunately, in a society dominated by material wealth and status, young individuals often make drastic errors in judgment. Many young individuals, attempting to mimic their role models, pursue endeavors that are as unprofitable as there are detrimental. Activities such as theft, assault, burglary, and vandalism are all common mistakes that young individuals in society make. The reasons for such activity are as varied as they are bizarre. However, society must account for these infringements on individual rights with proper correctional initiatives. One of these initiatives, geared primarily towards young adults, is centered on juvenile court. Juvenile court provides services and support to youth between the ages of 10 and 17. The primary goal of this supervision is to monitor and assist children in hopes of returning these individuals back to society in a productive manner. The Juvenile Court Services unit of Kenosha Wisconsin is no different in this regard as it attempts to aid its youth by preventing destructive behavior from occurring (Dishion, 1999). Juvenile Court Services unit of Kenosha Wisconsin is a microcosm of many different elements within the overall justice system of Wisconsin. Provided below is each subset of the Juvenile Court Services unit of Kenosha Wisconsin, the purpose of the organization, and how it works in relation to the other components of the juvenile court system. To begin, the law enforcement department is often the first interaction young
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