Overview of Labor Relations

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LABOR RELATIONS 2 Labor Relations Introduction Labor relations are concerned with the learning and management practices of unionized situations of employment. However, in the circles of academia, labor relations get classified as a subarea of industrial relations, even though researchers from numerous disciplines also study labor movements and labor unions. Nevertheless, in practice, labor relations get classified as a subarea in the management of human resource. Therefore, the courses in labor relations characteristically look into the history of labor, labor regulation, and organization of union, bargaining, administration of contract, as well as, any contemporary topics that are significant. In the U.S., the labor relations of the private sector get regulated through the Act of the National Labor Relations. On the other hand, the labor relations of the public sector gets regulated through the Act of the Civil Service Reform that was introduced in the year 1978, along with the appliance of a series of state pieces of legislation (Fossum, 2012). A look into other countries, the labor relations, could be standardized through tradition or law. The association of Labor and Employment Relations is a significant professional organization for the labor relations intellectuals, as well as, practitioners in the U.S. The employment, economy, as well as, management of rights are some of the topics for thought when the discussion involves the manner in which labor unions bring
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