Overview of Lutron Electronics Company's Operations and Supply Chain

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Market success within these industries and companies is possible through implementation of mass customization strategy. Mass Customization represents an approach within the business entity that seeks to be innovative, enhance quality, minimize cycle time, improve agility, and generate consumers who want to only associate with the firm or organization. The main objective of the mass customization strategy rests on the provision of products and services to satisfy unique tastes and preferences at affordable prices that relate effectively with target groups. A visit to Lutron Organization generates clear indication of how mass customization applies in relation to its application in business entities. Lutron organization adopts the strategy of mass customization to meet the needs and expectation of the consumers. Mass Customization is also effective and efficient in developing competitive advantage over other entities within the same industry. The approach of maximizing revenue while expanding the market coverage by Lutron draws from new technologies and knowledge in relation to forces of consumers and company demands. The main aim of the strategy within Lutron is to enable consumers acquire any product or service they want, anytime, in any way, and anywhere while enhancing the profit levels. Lutron Electronics Company engages in…

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