Overview of MRSA Reduction Program

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MRSA Reduction Program Executive Summary The introduction of the Affordable health care Act was intended to ensure the availability of affordable and high quality health care for all citizens of America. Therefore, this led to the establishment of a national strategy of improving the quality of human and health services. This resulted in priorities in guiding the efforts including a strategic program of how to accomplish the project. This paper has focused on how the Affordable Care Act provides improved safety and quality of health care in the US (American Psychiatric Association, 2012). This meets the needs of communities, families, and patients by guiding care providers and paying for care services. It has incorporated data from latest healthcare delivery, scientific advances, and advances in clinical-based medicine. The Affordable Care Act will foster the effective delivery systems that work better for healthcare organizations and clinicians. It helps them collaborate and reduce their administrative burdens. Industry stakeholders developed principles that guide the Act. The enactment of this system has led to a significant improvement in healthcare outcomes and overall health of the people of America. This can also be applied in MRSA programs successfully (Tate, 2012). Introduction The Affordable Care Act has improved the affordability, accessibility, and quality of health care for all people in America. The law acts as a source of new consumer protections in the
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