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Running head: OVERVIEW OF MANAGEMENT Overview of Management Erminia Ponce University of Phoenix Overview of Management Kudler Fine Foods was founded by Kathy Kudler in 1998. Kathy once was a Vice President of Marketing of a defense contractor; Kathy traveled constantly and endured the pressures of corporate life. Kathy ultimately wanted something different, something less stressful and gourmet cooking seemed to relieve the stress for her so Kathy decided to embark on an opportunity on an upscale epicurean food shop in La Jolla. Kathy opened her first store in June, 1998 and within the year the store was profitable. Kathy later opened two more stores by 2003, one in Del Mar and Encinitas and now Kathy is looking at…show more content…
The easily accessible Internet and the Worldwide Web revolutionized information sharing. For the first time data could be shared in real time as text, voice, graphics, and video among anyone with access to the Internet. (Gomez). Kudler’s staff also has access to the internet as well as the intranet to handle the day to day business of Kudler. An intranet allows an organization’s employees to communicate with each other and to access company information and databases through his or her desktop or laptop computers. Firms that establish intranets or extranets need to be careful about allowing access to sensitive information. (Gomez). Employees can access the internet to arrange for packages to be picked up by UPS or the local USPS by accessing the wide-area network. Through the use of the internet Kudler has many options available, latest software, databases. Databases are the heart of information systems. (Gomez). Competition is at the core of a firm’s success or failure. One of the most well-known frameworks for analyzing competiveness is Porter’s competitive forces model. (Turban, Rainer and Porter, 2003). Each of these forces help a company identify its strengths and threats from other competitors. • The threat of entry of new competitors. (Turban). – New shops are opening everyday, supply and demand. Kudler needs to keep up with the latest technology. • The bargaining power of suppliers. (Turban). – Kudler needs to

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