Overview of Marriott International

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In 2011, noteworthy endeavors included Global Growth which caused an increase in revenues and increase in franchises. Marriott opened 210 properties with nearly 32000 new rooms around the world. Their brand portfolio which consists of urban centers to resorts has something for everyone. Each brand has been designed to deliver a unique travel experience across a range of customer segments.
Marriott Vacations Worldwide Corporation, an addition to Marriott's assets in 2011, is now an independent, publicly traded company. With Marriott's management and franchising of this new spin-off they believe this will foster growth and attract new investors. Combined with "Revenue Per Available Room" (RevPAR), another business of Marriott's, grew and helped facilitate their global growth. Core values are an important part of the business philosophy that has help propel this company in 2011. Purpose, Values, Strategy and Success Measures combined with the vision to be the #1 hospitality company in the world and leading on three success measures: Loyalty, Profitability and Growth will pave the way to success.
Financial statements for the year 2011, indicates that the Marriott Company has remained strong…
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