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Mattel by Felicia Martinez

Overview It is hard not to think of Mattel when one thinks of toy manufacturers. After all, in 1959 when Mattel introduced their product the Barbie doll they became the forefront of the toy industry and have not backed down from that position since. Before they became the toy industry giant they are today Mattel simply started in a garage workshop in Southern California by entrepreneurs Ruth Handler, Elliot Handler, and Harold Matson. Harold Matson soon sold his share of the company and the Handlers took full control (Patten, 2008). Despite the fact that their success was gained by the manufacturing and distribution of toys, Mattel started out producing picture frames. It was when Elliot Handler started
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Due to the fact that Mattel has a lot of competition in both the toy and digital world it is important that they keep up with the latest trends.
The Importance of Toys Mattel has a wide range of toys they manufacture and distribute to the public. While many think that toys are a waste of time for children playtime with toys is very important to early childhood development. Children learn faster when occupied with toys and games as they help stimulate the brain of the child. Children’s toys are bright colors because colors excite children while simultaneously teaching children about shape recognition, patterns, and tactile experiences (Balliet, 2012). While some may argue that the product that made Mattel the success that it is, the Barbie doll, is creating a superficial standard for little girls it can also be said that the Barbie doll is a good motivational tool for little girls. By creating Barbie dolls with versions connected to over one hundred and twenty five different careers the Barbie can demonstrate to young girls that they should aspire to become more than just beautiful or fashionable (Mary, B, n.d.).
Mattel’s Mission Mattel’s mission statement highlights the company’s charitable contributions to society. Mattel’s mission statement is as follows: “Mattel makes a difference in the global

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