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McDonald’s was founded in 1937, by two brothers, Dick and Maurice McDonald. The first store the brothers owned was built in Pasadena, California and was originally a one window drive-in, serving only hot dogs and milkshakes. The success of this establishment led them to open their second restaurant in San Bernardino, California, where they actually employed twenty or more car hops and other staff with a much broader menu. These restaurants were incredibly successful and by 1948 the brothers had made more money then they had ever dreamed. With their newly found success, the brothers decided to overhaul their operations. After analyzing their operations they noticed that hamburgers were the majority of their sales so when
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Innovative products were masterminded by the large competitors to incorporate all of society. The beginning of this is the kids’ menus in order to include those demographics, all the way to the young adult world to capture the people who are constantly on the run. They soon began to include the more “gourmet” items in order to bring in the more sophisticated demographics. Burgers and fries and salads and kids’ meals seemed to incorporate all the above. The fast food sandwich industry is extremely competitive and demand ever changing therefore it is very important that all chains keep alert and willing to make changes.

Economic Characteristics

Most of the economic trends in the sandwich industry have evolved around value, convenience and quality. Although customers are concerned about the trends mentioned, one lawsuit quickly brought about sudden change. Teenagers were suing the fast food industry around the idea that fast food was making them obese. Thus, the industry needed to reposition their focus and offer a healthier menu to meet customer demand. Therefore, the industry focused on salads, turkey burgers and fire-grilled burgers rather than those cooked in their fat.

At the same time, the industry was beginning to focus on kid’s menus. While parents were beginning to branch out into the convenience of eating out versus
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