Overview of Motor Vehicle Safety

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Motor/Vehicle Safety Introduction In order to deal with global and national road casualty reduction objectives and to achieve a more protected road traffic system, improvement of vehicle safety is a key policy. Vehicle safety, in actual, is a means to address the safety of all who use roads. At present, it consists of measures that are helpful in avoiding a crash or reducing injury in the occurrence of a crash. In the last two decades, considerable and evidence-based improvements have been made in vehicle safety and investigations have recognized great possibility in its further enhancement ("Vehicle Safety," 2009). According to a statement issued by the European Commission, "If all cars were designed to provide crash protection equivalent to that of the best cars in their class, half of all fatal and disabling injuries could be avoided" ("Vehicle safety," 2009). If technology development is made a priority to offer highest casualty drop, there is a large future security of casualty reduction from crash prevention and active safety expertise and knowledge ("Vehicle Safety," 2009). Cons Associated with Speeding Many of the drivers drive above the speed limit now and then. It is not a kind and gentle behavior as it is an illegal act too. Speeders bring upon themselves "the risk of tickets, fines, and suspension of driving licenses" (Witte, 2008). It also results in the danger of life to the driver, passengers, and others sharing the road. Moreover, natural resources
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