Overview of Organizational Theories

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Organizational Theories Introduction Organizations have become important social institutions that affect nearly everyone's life in one way or another. However, there are many different perspectives that can be used in understanding these organizations. Theorists have produced many different ideas about the best vantage point in which to try to understand how an organization functions. Furthermore, it is important for leaders in the organization to understand these theories so that they can tailor their own concepts and theories and the organizations in which they are members of. This translates in the need for multiple perspectives to be used in the pursuit of understanding an organization and how it functions. The more knowledge that is acquired from multiple perspectives, concepts and theories, the greater will be your capacity to choose a better approach with regards to the problems faced in your current company. Looking at the organization through different lens can provide insights that could be missed otherwise. Multi perspectives can be based upon a set of beliefs, assumptions, and knowledge of the world and these factors can affect how the organization is perceived. It can also influence how researchers carry out their research and manage their organization. Having the ability to view organizations from different perspectives can allow a stakeholder to be able to tailor their approach so that they can choose what's best for their organizations and the industries
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