Overview of Pitching Machines

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Pitching Machines Introduction A compound machine is just what it sounds like it is two or more simple machines combined to make one machine. Technically, the mechanical advantage of having a compound machine is the ""¦magnitude by which it reduces the required force," according to the Galileo department website at the University of Virginia. In other words, the mechanical advantage of two machines working in sync as one machine is that the required force is cut in half of what it would be without the machine. In this paper the emphasis is on the compound machine known in the sports training world as the baseball pitching machine. How it Works The website LiveStrong.com points out that there are pitching machines that are battery powered in case the playing field is too far from electrical outlets. Those machines are not as common though as machines that are powered by electricity. Some machines require a human to feed each baseball into the machine (they cost less) but most machines allow the baseball coaches to load up several baseballs at a time. One particular brand, "The Heater," allows coaches to load a dozen baseballs in the machine and the machine pitches a ball about every 12 seconds (LiveStrong.com). The versatility of baseball pitching machines is impressive; not only to many pitching machines allow the coaches to change the speed of the pitch from a fastball to a slow change-up the machines will throw different pitches, like curveballs at different

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