Overview of Profish Value Stream

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ProFish Value Stream More information is needed regarding other materials used by Manufacturing, Inc, other components needed by ProFish, the distance of the ProFish warehouse(s) to the manufacturing facilities, and the nature of the relationship and availability of the shipping company or companies utilized by ProFish and its suppliers (at all tiers) in order to more effectively determine potential interruptions in the transportation of the materials/components. This Value Stream Map, while somewhat useful in tracking this particular component, is far from complete in terms of providing a full analysis of the company (Rother & Shook, 2003). Even without a more complete analysis of ProFish's supply chain, certain risks and potentials for breakdown in the transportation of the company's components can already be identified. First, the fact that the company relies on a Chinese manufacturer that in turn relies on a US-based provider of certain raw materials means that the company's supply chain is at risk when it comes to the transport of materials and goods throughout the world, regardless of the direction of travel, and this means it is more likely to be impacted by adverse weather, fuel shocks, and other globally and regionally disruptive forces (Golinska & Hajdul, 2012). There also appear to be relatively long loading, unloading, and unexplained hold times at various stops in the supply chain as identified in the above Value Stream Map, and while these do not in and of

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