Overview of Progressive Collapse of Bridges

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7/30/13 An Overview of Progressive Collapse | sedigest.in Current Issue Archives Consult ancy Cards IASt ruct E Edit orial Board Cont act Fort hcoming Event s TECHNICAL ARTICLE E-Book View the current issue in a new E-Book form at. Poll Which of the following will have the most significant impact, in the future, on structural engineering profession? Increasing use of m ore adv anced m aterials 29% Increasing im portance of Sustainability An Overview of Progressive Collapse Aut hors Ketul Ruparelia Student, CEPT Univ ersity Dr. P V Patel Professor, Nirm a Univ ersity Bhairav Patel Structural Engineer, VMS Engineering Abst ract Progressiv e collapse is spread of an initial local structural dam age…show more content…
This paper describes the basic aspects of progressiv e collapse analy sis in brief along with the m echanism of progressiv e collapse, historical background and the dev elopm ent of guidelines. A little detailed inform ation on analy sis procedure, specified in GSA and UFC guidelines is also prov ided in ‘dev elopm ent of guidelines’ section. 2. Mechanism of Progressive Collapse: Any collapse in a way could be regarded as progressiv e collapse, but it should be of special concern if the collapse is disproportionate to its original cause. The disproportionality refers sedigest.in/article/overview-progressive-collapse 1/8 7/30/13 An Overview of Progressive Collapse | sedigest.in to the situation in which failure of one m em ber causes a m ajor collapse of larger m agnitude com pared to initial ev ent. It is sim ilar to fall of cy cles in a cy cle stand when the first one is pushed. This can also be com pared with “dom ino” effect. Another exam ple is “house of cards” effect [fig. 1 ]. Based on different characteristic features, progressiv e collapse can be categorized in six different ty pes as described below [7 ]. Fig. 1 . “House of Card Effect” [8] 1) Pancake-ty pe collapse: failure sequence followed in this ty pe of collapse is; initiating ev ent, separation of structural com ponents, release of potential energy and the occurrence of im pact forces.
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