Overview of Progressive Learning

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Running Head: Progressive Learning Progressive Learning Progressive Learning Continuous learning is what individuals incorporate in their daily activities to learn with the experiences they acquire from their daily work. Everything is changing around us with the change in technology, change in people, equipment and procedures. With this, individuals need to understand the concept of continuous learning and apply it into their lives to enhance their skills. Everything that is associated with the change can be overcome by learning and knowledge and that is what continuous learning is all about (Sims, 2002). Continuous learning allows to learn and to make adjustments with the changes and enhances an individual's skills on daily basis. Continuous learning can help an individual through many ways. First, efficiency and vigor is required on part of the individual to initiate learning. Reading corporate journals, business magazines and newspapers can be used as a way to develop business skills and related information about the corporate world (Sessa & London, London). Competition can be regarded as a way of continuous learning. With prevailing competition in the market, one can understand and learn the varying business strategies used by the competitors. While the organization itself combating a competition it can provide opportunity for the individual to learn. Continuous learning helps to keep current with trends and developments in the business, keep the minds stimulated and
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