Overview of Several Distinct Cultures in United States

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There were several distinct cultures that existed within the United States of America during the 18th century, particularly in the early part of this century (No author, 2010). Despite the fact that European colonialists had been attracted to this land in earnest since the 17th century, there were still many tribes of the region's native inhabitants, Native American Indians, that still populated the country. Of the many cultural differences that existed between these two population groups Europeans and Native Americans the most salient was the regard that each culture had for land and its inherent value. This difference proved so influential because it was one of the contributing factors that eventually led to the displace and eventual demise of the Native American population. In many ways, the Native American regard for land was somewhat halcyon. One can make a quite compelling argument that, due to the proclivities of their ancestors and the cultural way of life that preceded the 18th century and was still largely adhered to during the early part of that century, Native Americans may have taken their land for granted. The following quotation alludes to this aspect of the culture of these people. "Despite extraordinary differences among groups of Native Americans, they shared some general cultural similarities. Indians insisted upon communal ownership and sovereignty over land; temporary ownership came with use"(Foner, Garraty 1991). This quotation underscores the fact
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