Overview of Sikhism: Religion and Culture

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Sikhism: Religion and Culture The topic I have chosen for researching from different sources is Sikhism. In this paper I will explore the religious we well as the cultural beliefs of people following Sikhism. Answer 1 The scholarly articles provided a lot of information about this topic and introduced me with the basic beliefs and cultural values of people following Sikhism. Sikhs are the people who follow the Sikhism religion. Sikhism was founded in the 15th century is the fifth largest religion of the world. It started in the northern India but today a large population of Sikhs is living in different regions of the world. Sikhism is based on the teachings of Gurus and they believe in one God which they consider shapeless, sightless and timeless. The Holy book of Sikhs is based on teachings of Guru Nanak Dev and they always wash their hands before touching it. Prayer is very important part of their daily routine life and most of the Sikhs take God's (Waheguru) help in recovering from illness. Despite having a belief that God can cure them, they also encourage death and accept it as a will of God and part of life. An interesting point that I found out from these sources was that Sikhs believe in reincarnation and not on the Day of Judgment. Another surprising thing which I never knew before reading these resources was that it is obligatory for Sikh men and women to wear five articles of faith all time. These include: Kesh (uncut hair) and his turban Kangha (wooden
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