Overview of Victimology

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Victimology A victim is a person or a group of people that suffer physical harm or are killed as a result of a criminal offence, accident or any other event or action. Therefore, victimization is the events that make one to be a victim. These events or deeds can either be pre-meditated or spontaneous. An act of victimization that has well established links and that is rampant in the U.S, and by addition the entire world is human trafficking (Daigle, 2012). Findings by the United State's department of Justice published in 2011; cited that the state had opened 2,515 cases of suspected cases of human trafficking. The report further cited that 82% of the suspected cases of human trafficking incidents were confirmed as sex trafficking crimes. Further statistics provided in the report state that of the 83% nearly half of the victimology was under the age of 18 (Office of justice programs, 2011). The report also noted that 83% of the sex victims were American citizens while 67% of the victims were pushed into forced labor; were un-documented immigrants (Daigle, 2012). Victim typology who are drawn into human trafficking are generally individuals fleeing their native countries due to war, harsh economic conditions in their countries or even dictatorial regimes, such that their only way to escape is turned into a profitable business. In the case of child trafficking; the victim is innocent and heavily dependent, a situation which empowers the traffickers to take advantage of the
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