Overview of Washington State Statutes for Health Care Workers

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In the field of health care, nursing and other medical practitioners play a very important role not only in the physical health, but also in the general well-being of the public. For this reason, various pieces of legislation and policy have been implemented to ensure consistent ethics and quality within the health care professions. When service users find themselves in conflict with the providers of medical and health services, they have the right to complain formally. Conversely, nurses and doctors also have the right to defend themselves against such complaints. The legislative process, including several entities in the legal and medical field, ensures that both patients and health care professionals receive a fair consideration of their statements and complaints. In Washington State, this process has been implemented to ensure that the medical profession remains focused upon its main purpose; to care for the physical health and well-being of its users. One of the ways in which the effectiveness of this process is ensured is by means of civil complaints procedures. According to the Washington State Department of Health (2012), those who have a complaint can report incidents of professional misconduct to law enforcement agencies ir the Department of Social and Health Services. Indeed, the Department of Health has an online complaint feature that allows users to fill out a form and submit it online. Professional misconduct such as abuse should be reported with the name

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