Overview of the Battle of Belleau Wood, 1918

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Running Head: BATTLE BELLEAU WOOD 1918 Definition of the subject Time period and large scale conflict At the beginning of the year 1918, President Woodrow Wilson explains a peace plan to the U.S people, based on consisting of fourteen (Robert, 1992). In March the 21st 1918, Germans celebrate the victory by launching a series of spring offensives on the Western Front. In March the 26th, France and the British hold a strategic conference in Doullens and appointed the Allied supreme Commander on the Western Front. April 1918 Britain's Royal Air Force is formed and From April the 9th 1918, Germans launches its second spring offensive and engages in war with British, France as well as Australian forces. From May the 27th up to June the 3rd in 1918 the Germans launched the third offensive, with aim of hunting down the Allies in France, and this led to the war of Belleau Wood. School of thoughts regarding the war The United state and Germans were rivals since the start of First World War. And when German attacks the British and France, U.S gets a chance to face it greatest enemy the Germans. The United States has been waiting for an opportunity to fight the Germans who thinks are the super power. 2) The stage War identification The battle of Belleau Wood occurred in June 1918 and was a pivotal battle for the US marine in World war one (Major Edwin, 1920). This was as a result of German Spring Offensive response to the Allied drive away from Amiens to Paris. The Germans

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