Overview of the Buy American Requirements Act

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Buy American Requirements 1. The most important points of the Buy American Act refer to the production and purchase of different products and services produced in the U.S. in accordance with the requirements of this act, the FTA provides funds only to grantee projects that use all iron, steel, and manufactured products produced in the U.S. The manufacturing process of steel and iron used in such projects must take place in the U.S. However, metallurgical processes that involve refinement of steel additives can take place in other countries. The requirements also determine the construction materials they apply to. Therefore, the steel and iron requirements refer to construction materials made of steel and iron mostly, and that are used in infrastructure projects (Justia, 2010). These projects are represented by transit or maintenance facilities, rail lines, bridges, and others. The construction materials included in the requirements of the Buy American Act refer to structural steel or iron, steel or iron beams and columns, running rail, contact rail, and others. In situations where steel and iron are used as components or subcomponents of other manufactured products or rolling stock, these requirements do not apply. Therefore, it is important to establish the components of the materials used in construction projects and to determine if the requirements of the Buy American Act apply to them. The requirements of this act also determine the conditions that must be met in
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