Overview of the Conflict in Israel and Palestine

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Point by Point The two statements of mine you open with are not at all contradictory. There are problems in Israel and problems amongst the Palestinians/Arabs when it comes to achieving peace; to say that Israel is being dishonest in blaming Hamas' lack of official recognition of the Israeli state does not preclude the fact that the emerging Palestinian state faces sever internal conflict regarding the direction it wants to pursue in all matters of foreign and domestic policy, and especially the issue of Israel. That you think these two situations cannot coexist or are somehow contradictory is confusing to me, and if I have misunderstood your objection I would very much appreciate clarification. Setting this aside, however, I will attempt to proceed as you have an address the other arguments you have made point by point. 1. The polls have found vary widely in their findings (and their reliability), but I absolutely agree that there is not a consensus on these issues and am willing to accept a division into thirds as you suggest. 2. It is also unquestionably true that Arafat failed to move his people to a peace deal on the terms being offered, yes. This did not occur in a vacuum, however, and the fact that some of his and the people's objections might have been valid is certainly a salient point. 3. Again, the "spiral" you mention does not solely exist in Palestine. Real movement by Israel could also break the cycle of increasing agitation and anti-Israeli sentiment 4.
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