Overview of the Family in the Mockumentary: Modern Family Essay

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The Modern Mockumentary
The average family: a married man and women, 2.5 children, with a beautiful home that has a white picket fence and a dog. However, this “average” family image has changed drastically over the past decade particularly with the acceptance of gay marriage and green cards that are easier to obtain; this has had a substantial influence not only on our society but leverage on social media. An example of this changed media dynamic is displayed through the comedic mockumentary, Modern Family. Within this fictional, interview style comedy series, three families that are extremely stereotypical, live their interrelated lives. The series follows these three families, an “average” American family featuring a married man, Phil, and women, Claire, who have three children, a gay couple, Mitchell and Cameron, who adopted a child and an older man, Jay, that is Claire and Mitchell’s father, married to a hot young Columbian women who also have a son. Modern Family, which is given a reality-style, has cameras following around each stereotypical family, portraying a very dynamic interrelation.
Since the three cliché families are advertised as being interrelated, it is meant as a representation of the differences that can vary within extended families. Because there is a large amount of characters that play major roles, an interview style is used for the viewers to gain insight within situations and explain events; this is a creative and easy to understand…