Overview of the Health Information Technology System

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Health Information Technology System Name Institutional Affiliation Date: Health Information Technology System Briefly share your nursing background and professional interests. As a nurse, I have been diligent in sharing the importance of problem solving, critical thinking and research with the public. I have succeeded in assisting the public to understand actions of nurses, which involves more than just nurturing. I have also helped in surveying and assessing risks, identifying the goals of clients and maintaining, prioritizing care, as well as organizing independent actions. In order to maintain and gain the respect of clients in healthcare, I have emphasized and communicated the skills and knowledge within professional nursing practice (American Nurses Association, 2008). I was obligated to provide reimbursement of nursing services within the requirement that I save live lives, save money, prevent suffering and prevent complications. To achieve access and reimbursement of resources, I have articulated the appropriate cognitive abilities to offer competent care to patients. My professional interests have been in the area of medicine; provision of safety care to clients and promotion of quality health care to patients. This is my area of mandate that seeks to improve the outcomes of patient care (Cesnik & Kidd, 2010). Summarize how informatics has impacted or changed nursing practice. Provide an example from your professional experience. The future of the practice of
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