Overview of the Kingdom of Antiquistan

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The Kingdom of Antiquistan Introduction Three thousand years ago, the Kingdom of Antiquistan was formed when King Antiquate the Mighty persuaded warlords from neighboring regions to swear fealty in return for taxes and troops. Although the Antiquistanians left no written records and few material artifacts of their own, some indication of their way of life, belief system, political structure, values and others aspects of their lives can be discerned from accounts of these people contained in the historical record. To this end, this paper provides a review and discussion concerning the Kingdom of Antiquistan, including its geographical boundaries, topographical information, estimated population and primary belief system. A description of the political structure of the kingdom is followed by an analysis of their artistic elements and influences, as well as what educational requirements and structure existed. Finally, an assessment of the values that were practiced in the social and public spheres in the Kingdom of Antiquistan is followed by a summary of the research and important findings about the kingdom in the conclusion. Review and Discussion Geographical boundaries The Kingdom of Antiquistan was bordered on the north by modern Turkey, to the west by Lebanon, to the south by Persia and Arabian Gulf. Topographical information Te Kingdom of Antiquistan was situated at or below sea level with the highest elevation in the kingdom being Mount Antiquate at just 5,200

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