Overview of the Mass Merchandiser Retail Industry

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Introduction The two companies that I will be conducting my research on and presenting will be in the Mass-Merchandiser Retail Industry. I chose this industry because of some of the basic knowledge that I acquired while working in the Garment Industry before it was moved overseas. The two specific companies are: Nike Inc. and the Dollar General Corporation. Regarding a general description of the two firms I have selected, Nike serves the athletic and sports industry, and the Nike Inc. brand is known for manufacturing not only sports gear but equipment as well. Regarding the Dollar General Corporation, they have more than 7000 stores nationwide, and Dollar General Corporation is a retailer of various house items that caters to all low, middle and fixed income customers. For a brief conclusion, both companies have been doing extremely well and have shown profit every year for the last five years. They are both in the Fortune 500 Companies list. Operations Strategy To give a bit more background detail, I would like to list both companies' operational strategies here. Operations strategy is the development of a long term plan for using the major resources of the firm for a high degree of compatibility between these resources & the firm's long term corporate strategy. On May 5, 2010 NIKE unveiled one of its strategies & key initiatives to achieve sustainable, long term growth across its global portfolio of brands & businesses. Their plan consists of a revenue target of 27

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