Overview of the Natural Gas Industry

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Natural Gas Industry Employee
Cover Letter
I am currently working as a natural gas regulator assistant inspector on a full-time basis. Basically this position required me to work in a formal apprenticeship, and I was trained and became familiarized with all the important particulars of this job.
What my trainers made very clear to me is the importance of workers in the natural gas industry having a deep understanding of all the implications relating to safety. There have been some catastrophic explosions due to leaking gas pipelines in recent years, and energy companies want to hire people that are very alert, intelligent, and who are willing to learn and be good listeners during training and once on the job.
I am one of those quality employees. I feel fortunate to have this position, and moreover, I have conducted research into the industry giving particular attention to the specifics of my own job, duties and responsibilities and I present that information through this report. Learning well, following directions, and being competent are things my family taught me, and I do believe I am well suited for my position and will be able to climb the ladder and be given more responsibility as time goes by and my supervisors become confident in my aptitude and my work ethic.
The position of a natural gas regulator assistant inspector is a very important position because in addition to the quality assurance and economic aspects, there are important safety aspects
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