Overview of the Organization, Big Brothers Big Sisters of New York

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Big Brother Big Sister New York Introduction Big Brothers Big Sisters of New York is a non-profit organization who has a main mission to help children and adolescents achieve their potential dreams through professional support, person-to-person relationship with mentors. The mentors try to make it their goal to make a measurable impact on children and adolescents. It is one of the largest organizations that mentor children and adolescents from all communities. Big brother Big Sister mentoring programs have several chapters such as community-based mentoring, work place mentoring, school-based mentoring, and specialized mentoring. The most effective and influential of the mentoring programs is the community-based mentoring program. This is because it covers a wider population of the community, which involves children and adolescents (Grossman and Tierney). The Big Brother Big Sister mentoring program is effective in many communities because it has a positive effect on youth (adolescents) aged 10-16 years. They are trained on life skills that cover every aspect of their lives in future. It more likely that a youth who has participated in the Big Brother Big Sister program will not be involved in using illegal drugs or alcohol, skip school or start a fight with someone. It also makes them confident about their performances in school and at home and learns to develop health and steady relationships with people. In addition to this, mentors are thoroughly screened,

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