Overview of the US Department of Homeland Security

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Department of Homeland Security: The U.S. Department of Homeland Security was formed more than a decade ago with a very significant mission of safeguarding America's homeland from hazards, threats, and national disasters. This department conducts its mission through securing the country's borders, preventing terror attacks, and responding to incidents or threats to its citizens (Miller, n.d.). Generally, the most important roles of the Department of Homeland Security are to lead a concerted national effort in securing the United States and preserving the American way of life. The department was established in 2002 in reaction to the 9/11 terror attacks and has since developed a nationwide strategic plan for evaluating and updating its mission statement and effectiveness of operations. These plans can be updated and transformed to accomplish the needs of the Department for Homeland Security and the American people. Purpose and Role of Department of Homeland Security: As previously mentioned, the purpose of the Department of Homeland Security is to promote concerted nationwide efforts in securing the American homeland and way of life. This purpose is achieved through securing the nation's borders, thwarting terrorist attacks, and responding to threats effectively. The department also works to thwart, contain, and counter threats from international criminal activities and national disasters. As part of accomplishing its objectives, the Department of Homeland Security has
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