Overview of the Zulu Tribe in Africa

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Abstract This paper talks about the Zulu tribe in Africa and how most aspects of their life are. Their mode of subsistence is kept in focus in this paper. The modes of subsistence are looking after cattle and harvesting vegetables. The tribe is known for its art work with beads and pottery. Zulu people South Africa's largest ethnic group referred to as The Zulu has an estimated population of 10-11 million people that reside in KwaZulu-Natal province. Additionally other provinces where Zulu tribe lives include; Zimbabwe, Mozambique and Zambia. The primary language which is in the subgroup of the Nguni language is Zulu. As it is true for most of the African tribes, agriculture and field work has been a central component of their life Made from the agriculture is a meal known Nshima in most of South Africa but the Zulu people call it iphalishi. This meal is basically staple among the eleven million persons of the Zulu tribe. (Tembo, 1997) The primary mode of subsistence for the tribe was quite varied. Before the mid-nineteenth century, the Zulu people relied on raising livestock and horticulture. Horticulture is basically an amalgamation of technology, business and science related to plant cultivation for use by humans. The staple crop of the Zulu people is maize where as in livestock; they normally dealt with poultry, goats, and cattle. Pastoralism is the same as tending to large herds of animals. This mode of subsistence is quite common in different tribes of Africa. The

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