Overvolved College Students

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Life of an over-involved college student “30 percent of freshmen entering college last autumn reported feeling stressed” (Higher Education Research Institute at the UCLA.) A pre-med college student who is over-involved in the college life may deal with a lot of challenges. Some of the challenges an over-involved college student may experience the feeling of being greatly overwhelmed, not having enough time for school work, friends or college clubs. This type of student may not have a good balance of everything. They could become more stressed and sleep deprived which would greatly affect their health. Being extremely stressed out could cause them to get sick, get less sleep, or obtain unhealthy eating habits. The biggest challenge for over-involved pre-med students face is stress. There are so many possible stressors they could run into. Some examples of these stressors are worrying about their future career, not having a good life balance, procrastinating, participating in more than they can handle, or something as simple has tomorrow's Chemistry test. There are so many possible situations that could go wrong that they even begin to stress out over the amount of stressing they are doing. As many people already know putting too much stress on yourself has many major negative effects on your health. Stress could affect someone physically, mentally, or behaviorally. A few physical effects are headaches, muscle tension, fatigue, and lack of sleep. A few

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