Overwhelmed with Beauty in In Search for Certainty by Josh McDowell and Thomas Williams

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But we find that beauty is like the rainbow’s ends: it beckons but eludes. It’s a shimmering soap bubble that disappears in our grasping hand. In the presence of beauty we are like a child which our nose pressed to the window of a toy store. We look and yearn, but we find a barrier that prevents the full experience of what is before us. As much as we long to immerse ourselves in the beauty we see, we can’t do it.” – In Search for Certainty by Josh McDowell and Thomas Williams We are attracted to what is beautiful, beauty could give us goose bumps, it could make our heart rapidly beating, and it makes us vulnerable. And other things could happen in the midst of beauty. What mystery beauty has? In the film contact what catches my attention the most is when Elli, a scientist and a nonbeliever to things that could not be proven like God, was able to be converted in believing to a more supreme being which is God. By the use of a high technology of transportation which for Ellie the transportation to outer space was a success, at the time she was able to arrive in the planet known as Vega, she was struck with awe. In front of great and glorious heavenly bodies, the first and only thing that she was able to say for a period of time is BEAUTIFUL. Upon seeing that it is beautiful everything seems to change physically and internally. She was stunned, her face glowed, she was…
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