Overwhelming Thoughts And Circumstances Can Suck That Life

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Overwhelming thoughts and circumstances can suck that life out of a person. Through a slow but sure process, I now identify myself as a culprit of stress. For example, I have entrapped myself in the pit of going from one extreme to another, contributing to my pessimist onlook on life. Further, when I observe a buildup of someone neglecting to pursue their priorities, I can vent out in anger at that person. Also, if I do not put my thoughts into actions, I set myself up for negative experiences in relationships. Though I am pessimistic, struggle with anger, and have dealt with hurt in a relationship, I targeted these issues and chose to learn from them. A pessimist has many situations in his or her life that he views in a negative…show more content…
From my test score regarding anger, I found out that I have a naturally moderate level of anger. People can experience extreme bouts of agitation in ways involving delays, lack of resources, losses, or failures. An example of my anger occurs in the category of delays. When my siblings do not pick up after themselves, bitterness towards them can increase within me. Moreover, due to my somewhat bossy personality, my siblings consider me the “mother” in my household. Thus, when I acknowledge someone’s laziness in their responsibilities, typically, I ask the slacker to do her job again. Yet, when I begin to see that sibling constantly forgetting to do that specific job, anger within me can harbor. Immediately, I make assumptions as to why she acts that way and can feel stressed out about the problem. Next, I angrily communicate the sibling’s downfall considering the assumption I have of her, and I tell her how she must fix the problem. Without asking why she did not do her job, I insensitively corrected her. Or if the sibling has an explanation for her lethargy, I resist to show sympathy because of my frustration at the moment. However, after a scenario like this, I then can feel distressed at my own pride of thinking that I am right and my sibling is wrong. In the end, I identify that usually I am the one more in the wrong than the sibling, taking the path of humility. Therefore, after an argument with a sibling and once my anger has calmed down enough, I go back to
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