Owning A Car

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The thought of owning a car is so fascinating for every individual especially the American dreamers if I may call them so. I was not an exception in this as I grew up I had dreamt of owning a car. Though I did not have much knowledge about the models and the mechanics of motor vehicles, I had a clear picture of the kind of the car I would own when I grow up. Today there many models in the market that overwhelms me when I think of buying a car. Each model have its own specifications and different price with the latest being the most expensive. As a kid I had dreamt of my father owning a car. He would then be taking us to school with and come picking us in the evening like other kids. However, fate would not let my family enjoy the luxury of a car.
This desire to be driven to and fro school drove me to the extent of praying for my father to secure a job that would enable him to buy a family car. Whenever my mum requested me to pray over food or before going to bed, I would seize the opportunity to remind my dad that he is much capable of buying a car. This I would do through addressing God in the prayer. My father would open the eyes last and look straight into my eyes assuring me that one day we will own a car. My father was a sales person and worked in a computer software distributor.
One day after church, we were walking along the street when we found a lady who had parked her car besides the drive. She looked confused. I looked to my father in a manner suggesting that
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