Essay on Oxfam Case Study

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OXFAM PAGE 212. CASE 1 WEEK 2, question 1 1. In about 100 words, explain the advantages and disadvantages that Oxfam would have experienced by using banner ads to achieve the objectives for this campaign. Banner Ads are great when designed to target a specific group of people, however (for lack of a better example) banner ads are essentially like sharks designed to seek out their prey, which can be a double-edged sword. Considering the subject matter of Oxfams cause, I do think banner ads could be seen as a little too abrasive in advertising. Their main objective in this campaign is to acquire donations, so despite the aggressiveness of banner ads, one very important advantage to a banner ad is that it shows a…show more content…
Mass e-mailing can allow a spammer to send out thousands of e-mails a minute! You can assume that at least ten out of every thousand people e-mailed are going to give some type of response Disadvantages of acquiring other email addresses: People will instantly be turned off when they are contacted by something/someone they are unfamiliar with, some will disregard the email because of a lack of interest or uncertainty in the cause, people will assume the email is spam. 3. Advantages and Disadvantages of Oxfam choosing to use video and audio elements rather than using plain-text emails makes for effective marketing strategy. (100 words) Advantages: * Saves Money –Video email marketing is inexpensive, and good videos can be general and sent to thousands of web browsers. * Improve Your Credibility – Especially with a business like Oxfam that is dedicating it’s time to a cause, when reaching out to people, video and audio is highly effective and you can get to your point and convey your purpose much easier. When people can see and hear you talking about the benefits of your products and services, they are much more likely to trust you. * Keeps Interest- I believe video and audio marketing are more likely to keep the interest of a person much longer than if you were to send a plain text email. Disadvantage: * Viewing Problems-Website downtime,
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