Oxfam : Non Commercial Organisation

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Introduction: Oxfam is non-commercial organisation which is fighting against poverty.Oxfam stands for Oxford Committee for Famine Relief.For the first time the creators of Oxfam met together in October 1942 in Oxford, to discuss with the government the opportunity to decrease(reduce) the allied blockade of occupied Europe and cover feeding of imperative alleviation key to civilians.Oxfam was created with 8 various members the(famous) powerful one was Jackson-Cole a London businessman(Web Cache,N/A).This became now Oxfam GB and still based in Oxford, Oxfordshire.Oxfam GB started to become more popular and well known by opening their first regular shop in 1948.Goal of this project is recognize the main stakeholders of the company and what are their key interest.Moreover, the project will contain SWOT analysis on the company with analysis on potential market, market size and other factors. Company’s stakeholders Analysis: The company important stakeholders are staff and volunteers, government, customers, supports (donor) and environment.First of all, staff and volunteers are concerned to raise the shop sales by selling more products and offer customers great service all the time by answering their questions and solving their problems. The government is interested to know if the company is paying the minimum wages to their employees or no and check if their any complain from people about the company.Any shop has customers who are looking for good customers service, quality of
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